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As your Entrepreneur’s Trip Guides (aka Hosts), we aim to get to the heart and real-life experiences of diverse entrepreneurs, particularly those with a US, Caribbean and Virgin Island connection. If you don’t like the course of your trip, you can always change it…but the essence of the entrepreneur begins and ends with who they are human beings. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a trip is defined as “a person or experience that is strange or entertaining and exciting.” We are a trip! Collectively we create a dynamic trip of experimentation, exploration, and entrepreneurial ecstasy for those that join us. So, every episode is an unexpected trip, and the entire series is an experience. So, in essence…we be trippin!

About the Hosts

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As an Island Gyrl with international interests, I was born & raised on St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, but also lived in Denmark, New York, Virginia, Antigua WI, Minnesota, and Florida. Living in various places have exposed me to diverse cultural experiences that have shaped my perspective and understanding of those that are different than me. As a Black Caribbean woman, who is an introvert, with a BA in Business Administration, MBA in Healthcare Administration, and pursuing a Ph.D. in Industrial Psychology, my world views are a balance between data and real-life experiences.

Pursuing Passion, While Trippin’ Entrepreneurially

Both life & entrepreneurship are a trip! Like in life, I’ve fallen in business ownership, each time starting over by bringing valuable experiences with me. I may trip or fall, but I keep trying. The lessons learned, the people I’ve connect with, and the memories I have created, allows me to pursue my passions, while using entrepreneurship to serve others.

Why I choose to do this podcast?

The Entrepreneur’s Trip is less about ‘me’ and more about ‘we.’ It’s a space to be who we are, share what we have learned, and connect with those that have, can, and will inspire us. Together, we aim to create a meaningful impact in the lives of those that embark on this journey with us, while enhancing their entrepreneurial journey in life.

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My name is Tristian Jones and I was born on the Island of St. Croix to Caribbean parents who instilled the value of an education but more importantly the value of application. In my life I have come across many naysayers and the one thing I realized, is what most of them have in common is that they are never the one taking a chance “It’s always the ones not doing it, telling you how to do it”.

Entrepreneurial Application

So, by 11th grade I started my entrepreneurial trip in life working as a freelance videographer for a local TV station and as an editor for anyone that needed the service. Fast forward about 15 years later, I’m a father of three, own two businesses and have my Bachelor of Science in Communications from Southern Connecticut State University.

Why did this podcast choose me?

I’m participating in this podcast because it is my passion to share knowledge and challenge others to do better. It is my goal to lead by example and let others from small countries know that it is okay to dream and pursue those dreams; it’s okay to fail because no one alone has all the answers. The ‘Entrepreneur’s Trip’ is my opportunity to enlighten others and share my experiences with them as I continue to grow business and pursue my passions because I believe in them. This is why I have partnered with likeminded, ambitious individuals who are giving of themselves to tell you how being an entrepreneur can be a trip at times.

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My name is Chris Majocha. I was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. In 2008, I moved to Orlando, Florida, where I obtained a master’s degree in Entertainment Business.

Professionally, in Orlando, I spent nearly nine years in Marketing roles, ranging from Project Manager, Traffic Manager, and Marketing & Communications Manager for companies spanning Higher Education, Fortune 500 Finance, and Nonprofit sectors.

By 2018, I had enough of building someone else’s dream and decided to pursue my own. I quit my job to produce a documentary film and started UdoU, LLC. I was finally a self-proclaimed “Entrepreneur” where, of course, I immediately became successful, ran off into the sunset, and lived happily ever after … just like every entrepreneur does, right?

Once you finish laughing (or crying) at that last line, please read on …


I chose to co-host this podcast because, if you’re like me, the rose coloring on those fancy new Entrepreneur glasses faded fast. While I wore my “things are going great” mask in public, in private I was drowning – almost throwing in the towel during the pandemic.

But I’m still here and finally clawing my way back from that Entrepreneurial hell, towards the “happily ever after” I once dreamt of. How? I owned my ignorance, sought advice from fellow entrepreneurs, and took difficult but necessary steps to correct course. Leaning on and learning from other entrepreneurs saved my dream.

My advice and why I’m here: Don’t take this trip alone!