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April 12, 2022

Milestones VS. A Finish

Ahhh a story of milestones…Imagine taking a trip to your favorite place. There are no markers, landmarks, and nothing recognizable on this trip, just desert that stretches for miles. Now that you’re on this journey, time seizes to exist and now there is only one question that comes to mind. Where are we going? No, not that one because the destination is your favorite place. The question is a question of fatigue, a question of if this trip is worth it and what makes it worth it. The question is ARE WE THERE YET?!

This question drives parents mad, not because they don’t know the distance but because we are all tired on this trip, this Entrepreneur’s Trip. Milestones are literally stones placed a mile apart to help travelers know the distance they traveled. So, along this entrepreneurial trip, it’s no different. Milestones mark the accomplishments that lead to a goal. So, on this journey, we are now seeing that we have passed landmarks and it now helps us realize how much closer we are to the goal. When we lose sight of milestones we sometimes give up on the goal because we don’t realize how much we have grown and give up when the goal is right within grasp.

I remember wanting to purchase a new laptop for the business because the old operating system could no longer handle the higher quality files that my other equipment was now putting out. A new laptop costs roughly about $5,000. The idea was we will work and purchase the laptop when we get the funds. So, the goal is to purchase a laptop and I set no milestones along the way. It had to have been six to eight months later and still no laptop. Now frustrated (the are we there yet part of the trip), I decided to just do without the laptop and produce lower resolution videos. Hey, it would work. Then I assessed the situation. Yes, I did not reach my goal. However, I did accomplish several things along the way. I gained repeat customers that will now contribute to the purchase of the laptop. I realized that $5,000 is $500 10 times and I had already completed 7 out of 10 $500 jobs (only 3 more to go).

These milestones gave me a new perspective on the goal and helped me to realize that my goal was within reach with only 3 more $500 jobs. I was successful in getting the laptop. As matter of fact, it’s the same laptop I’m typing on right now! When you start any trip, the destination is usually out of sight. However, there are many beautiful sights to be seen along the way. The golden leaves in fall let you know winter is coming and the sounds of spring prepare you for summer. It is easy to lose sight of our goals on our journey as entrepreneurs if we don’t see our small accomplishments. With no means to measure the distance traveled, there is no way of telling how close we really are to our goals, that “ARE WE THERE YET?!” moment.

Trips are more fun when you’re with the right people and the right set of people so know you’re not taking this trip alone. We are on the ENTREPRENEUR’S TRIP and I’m Tristian the non-blogger who is now blogging. Another milestone on my entrepreneur’s trip and a goal to build our brand. Thank you for your support thus far, our goal is 1k followers and our milestone is ??? and that’s ??? followers closer to our goal.